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From now through June 30th, you can save hundreds of dollars on SYSTAT 13, or even get it for free! Read on...


Save 15% on New SYSTAT Licenses and Upgrades through June 30th

From now until June 30th, receive a 15% discount on SYSTAT 13 single and multi-user license and upgrade purchases. See the table below for examples of single-user perpetual license price discounts.

Academic $599 $509.15 $89.85
Gov’t / Non Profit $999 $849.15 $149.85
Commercial $1,299 $1,104.15 $194.85


These discounts are available for our multi-user (i.e. site or network) licenses as well. Contact Systat Software at 877-797-8280, or order online to take advantage of this limited-time discount.


Receive a FREE SYSTAT 13 License When Three Friends Try Our Software

We here at Systat Software would like to thank you for showing interest in SYSTAT 13. We owe you so much for helping SYSTAT 13 to thrive at universities, institutions, and research companies worldwide.


No, that wasn’t a typo: we are giving away 30 (thirty) free single-user licenses of SYSTAT 13.

From now until the end of June, the first 30 people to have three of their professional colleagues trial our software will receive a free SYSTAT 13 perpetual license!* To qualify, three of your friends who are professionally employed researchers (e.g. professors, government employees, commercial lab researchers, etc.) must download our 30-day free trial by June 30, and then shoot us an email naming you as the referrer. No purchase necessary.

We are asking you to help us spread the word about SYSTAT, so we ask that you refer your friends who teach or conduct professional research using statistical software, and would be interested in the unique benefits of SYSTAT 13, like our unbeatable perpetual license pricing, our comprehensive set of statistical routines, and our outstanding graphics.

Please come visit us online at www.systat.com, or give us a call at 877-797-8280. Be sure to take advantage of these special offers before time runs out!


*To qualify for the referral reward, three trial downloaders who are professionally employed researchers must use the Contact Us Form at systat.com to mention you as the referrer by both your name and email address. Students are free to win the free license, but none of the qualifying referrals can be current students. All offers apply in the U.S. and Canada only.


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