Switching to SYSTAT from SPSS?

You could be paying 10x more than you need to for excellent statistical software!

SYSTAT makes switching easy...

If you're a long-time user of other statistical software like SPSS, SYSTAT 13 offers features that will ease your transition. SYSTAT opens data files from SPSS, SAS, Microsoft Excel...just about any format you'd need.

You'll feel right at home with SYSTAT's menu-driven GUI interface, or use its command language to program complex macros and operations.

You'll recognize most all of the statistics procedures as well...but since they all come in SYSTAT's base package, there are no expensive modules to add on. Also, SYSTAT's licenses are all perpetual, meaning you never have to worry about annoying renewal fees.

We should probably also mention that SYSTAT's technical support is free and unlimited.

Working with students? SYSTAT's free student version, MYSTAT, is the best reason of all to come join us. Students can download MYSTAT anywhere they want, and keep it forever!

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